What are Internet users afraid of during the Christmas holidays?

December 24/2016

What are Internet users afraid of during the Christmas holidays? According to the research of cybersecurity specialists, which held an opinion poll among the UK internet users, 59% of businesses are afraid of hacker attack possibility while operating with skeleton crews at the Christmas holiday’s period. More than that, about 2000 of the interviewed from 16 to 64 years old are concerned about their electronic transactions safety and want to protect money from bank accounts hacking.

22% of interviewed are afraid of the risk being identified during the holidays. The problem consists in malicious consequences for an organization to fail an attack identification and have confidential info stolen.

Only 4% of respondents expose their desire to stay with the organization which does not inform about a cyber-attack meanwhile losing customers’ trust and loyalty.

Another poll informs about specific threats and gives the following results:

  • 36% are worried about disclosing that their money has been stolen from the bank account.
  • 17% do not want to withdraw from the last-minute shopping or turn back items due to retailers’ systems failing.
  • 16% are exercised about travel services, for example airports and trains failing, due to long-time delays and cancelled delivery.
  • The last 16% concern about being unable connecting to new digital gifts, such as games consoles, smartphones and tablets.

Consumers also become less pardoning about companies failing to warn them about security threats.

Seeing the results, you can understand that all responders are worried about personal security and sensitive data integrity. In order to protect you network, try to use a VPN service which encrypts traffic and all exchanging info with strong net protocols. Using a VPN, you will forget about all hazards coming from the external net and enjoy the free and secure Internet.

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