VPNSecure lifetime subscription is the real thing

October 11/2016

VPNSecure lifetime subscription is the real thing In the circumstances of our Internet space we need hardly mention that all customers are short of online protection. The number of online identity thefts and other sorts of cyber attacks is being grown by the day. But there is a direct solution for the question, which is called a VPN-S or VPNSecure, if being more precise.

With this service you can surf the Internet under a powerful protection of VPNSecure technology, which is to hide your real address and give you a possibility to shift to any country you wish. The provider is a stickler of anonymity as it follows logless politics and accepts different payment methods. SmartDNS is also provided.

The service also offers a life-time subscription, which has become a trend, for $586 AUD. For Kotaku readers there is a special for the package for just $50, 83 AUD.

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