Upgraded ExpressVPN Apps Offers Better Security


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December 11/2015

Upgraded ExpressVPN Apps Offers Better SecurityThe latest version ExpressVPN apps come with stronger security settings. With the up gradation the apps from the company will be ahead of the other apps in security performance.  

You will be able enjoy better freedom, privacy and security when you go online. The latest security settings in the apps are

  • Authentication of the servers of express VPN with 4096-bit CA and SHA512.
  • Use of only TLSv1.2, which offer strong ciphers.
  • Stream encryption using AES-256-CBC.

If you are already using the ExpressVPN apps you will receive the notification saying new version is available.

If you are using an open VPN client configured manually you will be able to continue using the current configurations for the service. However, if you want to use the new settings provided for security, it will be better to download the latest files for VPN for your specific locations. 

To download the files, you can log on to the official website of ExpressVPN.  Use the Linux and routers open VPN section to get the download of the latest open VPN files for configuration of your account. This service is available for locations such as America, Europe. For any information on setting up the configuration, you can contact the support center of ExpressVPN.

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