TunnelBear Can Speak in 16 Different Languages

April 21/2016

TunnelBear Can Speak in 16 Different LanguagesIf you have been using the TunnelBear VPN service to surf websites by hiding your real IP address, now will be happy to know that TunnelBear has extended its services to several counties and can now speak 16 different languages. It has taken a while for this popular VPN service to offer its services in multiple languages. But, now that it has extended its services, you can experience TunnelBear in your native language.

The new languages that TunnelBear speaks are: Arabic, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, German, Chinese (both traditional and simplified), Polish, Indonesian, Korean, Spanish, Russian, Turkish and Dutch. The native language TunnelBear website can be accessed by all iOS and Android users. This new feature from TunnelBear will help many of the VPN users who are not aware of any other language other than their native language. There is no doubt that the TunnelBear VPN service will be getting more users to sign up for a fake IP address account with this new multi-language website support.

You can download your native language version by visiting iTunes or Google Play Store. Just download the latest version or update your old version to the latest version and you will be able to access TunnelBear in your preferred language.


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