TorGuard VPN Offers Dedicated IP Address to Users

April 06/2016

TorGuard VPN Offers Dedicated IP Address to UsersTorGuard online privacy protection service has come up with an updated VPN app which offers dedicated IP address to the customers. You will be able to create and save a dedicated IP address even before connecting via VPN. This feature makes it very easy to save the dedicated IP address on the server and to switch between shared VPN locations to dedicated VPN location using just a few clicks.

TorGuard is a company which offers dedicated and reliable service to their customers. With the TorGuard VPN app you will be able to overcome the government imposed censorship of web contents. You will be able to access the web from any location of your choice in this world. When government creates firewalls for the web users, TorGurad VPN lets their users to break these walls and enjoy the full benefits of the World Wide Web.

Having an exclusive IP address is the most safe and reliable way to achieve permanent entrée to any internet service. A dedicated IP can give the best and uninterrupted internet experience, whether to play games, to use Gmail, for online banking, to watch movies, listen to songs, etc. If you don’t want to risk your privacy when using the internet, use premium privacy protection services like TorGuard VPN.


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