Tips for turning into a master of the network

November 04/2016

Tips for turning into a master of the network Confirming to the latest estimates, the Internet turns to be unsafe. Probably you have already caught yourself thinking that your defensive measures are not enough for the networking you use.

In order to sift the question to the bottom here are some habitual mistakes, which are made by an average customer:

→ The Internet is a mythic machine that operates somewhere and gives you a chance to use it. It’s a story telling! The thing is that information networks are connected together by the method named the Internet, therefore you are an essential part of it.

→ Some numbers (simply speaking, your IP) are transferred to another computer (server, as a rule) in that location of a website to which a connection should be achieved. Hence, your connected device’s address serves as an identifier of you as a customer.

Non-acquaintance of this information makes you an unskillful customer who may come across to definite problems when using the network.

These tips can set you at ease while working online

  • You should update your virus protection each time when a renewal of the antivirus version is accessible online. The recent statistics has shown that about 80% of systems have been malware infected due to the reason that the users haven’t followed the simple rule.
  • A firewall should be used by you as a multi-purposes security method, because antivirus is not enough to protect you from malware that can be set up at your device through some essential breaches in your system.
  • Avoid suspicions emails sent to you, as some of them can turn to be a phishing trick, which has already deceived into parting with money many users.
  • Strong passwords should be created for each account. All the passwords should be different. If it’s difficult for you to memorize them, use a password manager that can not only keep all of them in safety but also can help you to create the best ones.
  • Secret your personal information or data of a high confidentiality, such as business plans, with the help of a VPN service. The tool shifts your true address and gives a chance to choose any virtual location while avoiding geo-restrictions. Furthermore, all your traffic is encrypted by up-to-date protocols. A high level of anonymity helps you to enjoy Internet freedom.

On that account, having looked through the tips and remembered them, your networking experience will be reshaped.

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