Targeted online guessing can deactivate your password

November 11/2016

Targeted online guessing can deactivate your passwordAs stated in the latest research, the main threat to online security is presented by targeted online guessing. Security shortfalls are known to be exploited by the method, which is aimed at the accounts of a user, which have the same password consisting of/relating to the personal information. Probably, you have already read about the need to make strong passwords.

When knowing your personal data a password containing it can be cracked at one stroke. The chances are even larger when a potential adversary knows some passwords from other accounts as people like changing their passwords in one symbol only, when a strong password should be totally different. The strengthening of your password will help you to deal with the new issue. If you think it’s too challenging for you to keep in mind all the data, a password manager can be applied for the job. Another good piece of advice is to use pass phrases instead of words, which can’t be cracked by adversaries easily. One more variant is to subscribe for the best VPN for Twitter, for instance, which is to protect you from hacker attacks not only on Twitter but on entire network while giving you a possibility to get access to all your favorite resources from anywhere in the world.

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