SaferVPN Goes After Internet Censoring by Launching Unblock the Web Campaign

April 07/2016

SaferVPN Goes After Internet Censoring by Launching Unblock the Web CampaignIn the west, online privacy is a big issue, especially since there are so many government surveillance programs out there. But for many other countries, internet censorship is the bigger evil. To deal with this problem, leading VPN provider has come up with the Unblock the Web campaign. They are basically trying to raise funds so that they can fight for free uncensored internet access via this campaign. And nobody should take away citizen’s right to form closed online societies. They are trying to make it happen by striking a partnership with Advanced Human Rights and Movements. Their target is licensed worth one million hours.

CEO of SaferVPN said that they got into the business to provide freedom of expression and information online for everyone around the world. He added that the latest campaign is meant to achieve the same. According to him, with the help of this campaign, their premium software will be made available to many those who are unable to afford it at the moment. With one million hours, they will be able to provide service to 500 accounts. Their preliminary goal was to raise $5,000. And they have already raised enough money to provide 40 accounts for free. There is no end date for the campaign and this might allow the company to more than million hours.


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