PayPal Withdraws Its Tie-Up with Unblock-Us

May 02/2016

PayPal Withdraws Its Tie-Up with Unblock-UsNetflix is very adamant on cracking down the VPN providers who are offering their service to non US citizens from all over the world to access Netflix content by masking their original IP address. This has blown out of proportions now and Netflix has decided to crack down on such VPN providers. In the wake of all this, it looks like PayPal has also decided to cut its ties with VPN companies.

Unlock-us VPN service on their Twitter handle announced that it will not be accepting any PayPal payments from their customers who are willing to avail their services. It has also requested its customers to log into their account and update their payment info. Unblock-Us was giving its Canada and other users from different countries the option to avail Netflix services on their computer as if they are accessing from USA.

Netflix has taken this very seriously and says that the VPN providers are offering people from other countries easy access to copyrighted television and Hollywood movies shown on their streaming service. Unblock-Us along with other VPN providersare voicing their concerns about this Netflix crackdown as they feel that the internet right of a user is questioned here.


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