New York to Get Free Street Wi-Fi Hubs

January 10/2016

New York to Get Free Street Wi-Fi HubsMore than 7,500 payphones in the city of New York will get replaced by public Wi-Fi hubs from linkNYC.

The first few public Wi-Fi hubs are already launched and people can expect more in the near future. It has been estimated that about 8million people will get benefitted by this free and fast Wi-Fi service. This will be a super fast internet service.

Each linkNYC unit offers charging ports for USB and built-in-tablets to allow browsing the net. You will be able to use this Wi-Fi to make phone calls to any location in the US. You can get easy access to the city maps, directions and city services and you will be able to use the emergency call button for 911 services. 

There are potential threats to this service like planting malware on the Wi-Fi network, tracking the web user and the compromised USB ports. To eliminate any risk while using this public Wi-Fi, you can opt for VPN services like CyberGhost.

CyberGhost VPN offers 256 bit encryption to secure the browsing and to keep all your important data safe from hackers. You will be able to secure your personal data and to maintain the privacy while using the linkNYC network by using CyberGhost VPN.


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