New safeguarding mechanism from MasterCard

February 06/2017

New safeguarding mechanism from MasterCard The newly designed mechanism for verifying online transactions jeopardizes customers’ privacy. Also known as MasterCard’s Identity Check, the function utilizes facial matching meanwhile serving as an extra preventive action against digital fraud. The digital identification checks customers by operating with personal typical feature including fingerprints or bone structure.

On the one hand, this new mechanism dispenses users from the necessity to remember passwords and enter them while performing payments. But on the other hand, it increases the chance being hacked or tricked by swindlers.

According to the official statistical evidence, online payments are vulnerable to web frauds more than any other physical transactions. That’s exactly why creation of new protective technologies for digital payments is on the agenda and discussed by major financial corporations.

Unfortunately, not every web surfer is ready to provide its detailed photo to online banking resource. Until then, they can use a reliable VPN service to secure digital payments from third party interference. Seeing that VPN encrypts all traffic passing through the net, your identification info, browsing history and even geographical location will be hidden from all net community, meanwhile known only to you and your VPN provider won the confidence.

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