Netflix is Now Available All Over the World & IPVanish Gains from this Move


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December 09/2015

Netflix is Now Available All Over the World & IPVanish Gains from this MoveLet’s just say that IPVanish is hell-bent on breaking the internet. Why so? Well, with Netflix is going global (as it is available almost everywhere now), IPVanish was quick to announce their plans to make Netflix’s global content available for everybody. The latest move by Netflix is big news for many countries like India, Poland, and Saudi Arabia etc., where Netflix wasn’t available until this point. Due to licensing restrictions, Netflix has to block certain content in many countries and as a result, many countries don’t get access to the content they have made available in the US. Since IPVanish has more than 400 servers worldwide, it has become easier for them to unblock more than 15,000 titles.

Netflix users have a number of advantages when it comes to IPVanish. They get to enjoy great encrypted connection through which they are able to hide their location in a secure manner. Content restriction is a big problem when it comes to Netflix and there are several reasons behind it. But with the help of IPVanish, you will be able to get pass that limitation. Setting up of IPVanish is really easy. You will find it really easy to use as well. Most importantly, it is a zero log VPN.

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