MongoDB has come up against an obstacle

January 09/2017

MongoDB databases MongoDB has reported about the increasing quantity of hackers attacks counting more than 27 000 per day. Targeting at systems’ compromising, hackers have penetrated, duplicated and erased data from badly-secured databases.

The first attack was administered on January 4 when the criminal harak1r1 juggled 22 victims into paying 0.2 BTC. MongoDB Inc has undertaken a mission to find the culpable and refund all payments.

Unfortunately, according to the security researcher Niall Merrigan, the quantity of attacks has growing trend and risen to more than double during 12 hours. In cooperation with other researches, Merrigan has disclosed 15 attackers, one of which has penetrated in 15 482 MongoDB accounts requiring 1 BTC to have compromised data returned.

This situation has shown up faults of MongoDB reliability problem. Until it remains a live issue today, the corporation exerts best efforts and works honestly to discover criminals and secure fenceless databases preventing repeated compromising attempt.

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