Modernized surveillance policy has been disclosed by CIA

January 20/2017

Modernized surveillance policy has been disclosed by CIA The CIA has recently revealed rules adopted and modified for compiling metadata of the US citizens. As before, the revised rules pursue the aim at protecting rights and civil liberties of the American nation.

The new rules were reviewed in order to calm public anxiety over the government’s surveillance program. The guidelines were presented to newly elected president Trump which maintains strong government surveillance program. What is more, the updated procedures have been presented for everyone interested while visiting CIA’s official website. Following the historical background, CIA made a big push by contrast with 1982 guidelines that were discovered after two years from the day of adoption. 

The modified procedures touch upon CIA’s responsibilities while obtaining hard disks storing high volumes of text files, videos and photos owned by Americans and foreign citizens. The changes regard the managing of material the size of which cannot be immediately evaluated. In addition, they regulate the methods of data searching and determine the term of 5 years when unevaluated communications need to be destroyed.

It’s an open secret that such rules violate civil rights of free internet usage. This is why Americans need to find methods securing their personal data against government’s surveillance, the best one of which is to subscribe for a reliable VPN service. It encodes all data transported through the secure service of any location you choose that makes difficult for spying agencies to steal personal info. That way, utilizing a decent VPN, your browsing activity will be protected by strong VPN tunneling and secured like never before.

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