Local Services Find it Difficult to Compete with Netflix Technology

March 02/2016

Local Services Find it Difficult to Compete with Netflix TechnologyThe global expansion of Netflix has created panic among the local video portal companies in different countries. They are challenged by Netflix to provide better quality video contents and many are now opting for Hola VPN to enjoy Netflix services.

Netflix uses the perfect technology to deliver the videos and the local video services are having a difficult time to match to the quality of videos provided by the technologically advanced media streaming company. The local companies cannot afford the cost of distribution and hence provide contents like entertainment, sports, news etc in low resolution and this affects the video quality.

Local portals fear that if they don’t meet the quality standard set by Netflix and provide video content in HD which loads faster, more people will shift to Netflix. Using content delivery network (CDN) is a solution to this problem, it is very expensive.

Hola VPN offers a solution for this problem by opening many HTTP connections, while playing the video so that the first part of the video is delivered from the nearest fastest server and the remaining segments will be delivered using cheaper servers located in some other place.

Hola has CDN which increases the speed of video delivery and reduces the distribution charges. This will enable the local publishers to offer affordable and quality service.


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