Hotel’s IT system has been attacked for ransom

January 30/2017

Hotel’s IT system has been attacked for ransomThe unprecedented crime wave invades hotel business jeopardizing the safety of guests and their property. The recent experience of ransomware has happened in Austria when hundreds of lodgers have been locked in and out of their rooms. Having the IT system infected, the hotel has been forced to pay a ransom.

According to the hotel owners, their system has been attacked more than once, but this time hackers successfully penetrated and stole key cards disabling all door locks. On top of that, hackers received direct access to the general computer system, thus deactivating all computers. Finally, the system was completely retrieved after making a payment.

This incident has proved how vulnerable hotel’s systems are. The invaders create new more refined and contemporaneous methods to compromise security systems aiming at money obtaining by a trick.

For this purpose, hotels’ management needs to modernize their systems. More than that, guests would be more interested in their privacy while connecting to the public hotspots. Wireless hotspots found in hotels often do not apply security measures that makes them magnetic for hackers. Seeing this fact hackers can utilize accessible software to intercept sensitive info for malicious purposes. But VPN service is able to encrypt all traffic and make it inaccessible for a prying eye. In such a manner, while planning a trip do not forget about subscribing for a VPN and secure you net.

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