HideMyAss Research Reveals Users Not Doing Much to Safeguard Their Online Privacy


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December 11/2015

HideMyAss Research Reveals Users Not Doing Much to Safeguard Their Online PrivacyHideMyAss is one of the most popular and powerful VPN operators. It is now owned by popular software company AVG. This VPN service has recently conducted a research on the online consumers and the study has revealed that most of the consumers are not doing enough to protect their online security and privacy when accessing websites. They are easy targets for hackers, government agencies and companies who can easily track their activities online and also get access to their private information. 

HideMyAss conducted this research by partnering with the Morar Consulting firm, which is an independent 3rd party research company. The research showed that 67% of the people needed extra protection for online security and privacy. More than 50% of the people are still not aware of that VPN service is and how the service will be able to protect their IP address when browsing sites or social forums online. 

The research also revealed that a few of the online consumers used easily accessible online tools like anonymity software, email encryption tools, etc., while browsing the web. More than 2000 people were surveyed during this joint campaign by HideMyAss VPN service and Morar Consulting. There are many people who are now ready to choose a VPN service to protect their online activities.


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