Hide My Ass Browser Extension Wants to Tell Children that Santa is Real


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December 11/2015

Hide My Ass Browser Extension Wants to Tell Children that Santa is RealWell, we all know very well about this certain conspiracy. Santa Claus is real – it is a huge fat lie and we all know that. But since we don’t want to break the spirit of Christmas, we have allowed this lie to exist. Christmas is nothing without that lie. However, children have become smarter these days and they learn that it is a lie from different sources – you can definitely blame the internet for this. It has become harder and harder for poor parents hide this from their children as a result. Kids these days like to Google and learn more about that big man who comes with lots of presents. If that happens, they are definitely going to know that it is a lie and the magic is over.

If you are a parent who is worried over this, then let me tell you that Hide My Ass VPN service has come up with a great browser extension, which is going to protect kids from learning more about this lie. Yes, that is indeed a cool extension to have. You have to download the plug-in whether you are using Google or Firefox. Every time when they land on a web page that says Santa Claus is not real, they will see a picture of Santa working in his workshop.


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