Golden Frog Expands VyprVPN to Android TV Platforms


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December 07/2015

Golden Frog Expands VyprVPN to Android TV PlatformsThose Android TV users can rejoice as VyprVPN is finally compatible with Android TV. That means you will have an improved streaming experience. Moreover, you will enjoy the improved Security and Privacy. This has been in the wish list of VyprVPN users for very long and Golden Frog has really made that happen.

How does it work? Well, the Android TV users will be able to encrypt their internet connection now. That means you will enjoy an extra level of protection while you stream and browse. One can say without any doubt that streaming experience has improved tremendously here now. Speed has increased as a result and so did security. As we all know, Golden Frog has always been committed to provide the best security and with the latest initiative they have gone a notch higher. They already have highly secure apps and by making VyprVPN compatible with Android TV they have really given a gift to their clients. Now maintaining your privacy online has become a lot easier. You will also be able to enhance overall security. Moreover, VyprVPN is also available on Apple TV. All that you need is a VyprVPN Router App for this to work. With that, we can conclude that VyprVPN user to something to be cheerful.


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