Facebook Live upgrade threatens users’ privacy

January 14/2017

Facebook Live upgrade threatens users’ privacy One of the most popular social networking websites is being updated having adjusted the core functions and cracked the problems of content performing and running online. As Facebook users have noticed the major changes touch upon the possibility to go live via web browser. In addition, the live broadcasting will be available to every internet user regardless of the time zone, geographical location or utilized gadget. For this moment, live transmission is accessible for smartphones running Facebook application and streaming cameras.

What is more, having visited personal Pages, users will be able to appoint “Live Contributors” by generating anchors for out-net people. As a comparison, this function is now available for administrators only.

At one point, the newly designed features will help to publishers creating and converting the content. But if you sit over the problem, you’ll understand that Live broadcasting provides to average FB visitors top-notch possibilities accessing to users’ timelines monitoring their activity.

If you want to guard your private life from a prying eye, switch off your webcam or restrict access to it by getting in the Settings - > Notifications - > On Facebook -> Live Videos and press “Off”.

On top of that, use VPN service which defends social media accounts from hacker attacks and data leakage. What is more, it hides real IP address, encrypts all transferred data and bypasses geo-based restrictions by changing your virtual location. Subscribing for the best VPN for Facebook is the easiest solution for your anonymity, privacy and security.

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