An everlasting ‘crypto-dispute’ gains pace

November 07/2016

Crypto Policy Project The Crypto Policy Project is a program launched by Stanford University with a view to understanding the issue of data privacy better. According to the professionals of the university, the need of law enforcement separating from public rights, registered in the Constitution, is a never-ending crypto-dispute.

After the Snowden’s revelation, all the companies rushed to encrypt all the traffic, when the push has provoked a policy conflict. While some of the experts struggle for providing a strong encryption for all the connected gadgets, the others give a thought to the question of crimes investigation.

Seeing that the question may linger on, it is about a high time to look after your vulnerable data, before it is legally stored on you. The best of the existing protective technologies is a VPN. A reliable provider should give you a chance to use an anonymous, private and secure network, regardless all the threats one may face when being online.

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