Encryption methods are of a high interest to the US users

November 16/2016

Encryption methods are of a high interest to the US users Thanks to the numerous email hacking reports and the fact that the citizens are alerted to Donald Trump election, customers from the US have switched over to Signal (encrypting messaging app) usage.

Signal is famous for giving customers a possibility to chat via the messenger securely while all the talks are not saved on a server. The project has been launched by a number of privacy professionals, which was earlier promoted by Edward Snowden.

After Clinton’s complain suffered from hacker attacks and the messenger was put into the service, the download rating has increased several times. But the number of customers is relatively small if to compare it with some other popular apps. What is more impressive, the growing interest in security apps has drawn attention to VPNs too. A high-quality VPN, which is chosen by a technologically advanced user who knows the main principals for selecting a qualitative output, for Skype, for instance, provides you with a protected connection to the Internet when all your traffic is encrypted, hence defended from any interference.

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