DuckDuckGo has summarized the last year

January 25/2017

DuckDuckGo has summarized the last year One of the safest search engines DuckDuckGo has disclosed that netizens extensively sought ways to remove traces of their activity online. Such inference has been deduced in reliance on the total number of search requests that exceeded 4 billion for the last year. What is more, 40% of polled Americans are committed to delete info about their internet activity by web search engines.

Along with that DuckDuckGo has shared info about which projects they supported in 2016. This number includes 9 organizations, such as Freedom of the Press Foundation, OpenBSD Foundation, Tor Project, Fight for the Future и Riseup Labs. The total sum amounted altogether to $225 000.

In such a manner, if you want to protect your online activity from being traced and interfered, you need to install VPN service. This technology guarantees full anonymity and security while surfing the net. This is because strong security protocols used by VPN services in order to create and maintain a safe untraceable network. VPNs are highly recommended to all internet community, whether they are state institutions or average netizens. Choosing a VPN which satisfies all your requests, your online activity will be hidden from a prying eye so you can be happy with anonymous internet surfing.

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