Cryptologists do research as a starting point for further security fact-finding

November 14/2016

Cryptologists‘A Formal Security Analysis of The Signal Messaging Protocol’ has been recently presented by the best cryptologists from the UK, Australia and Canada.

The results have shown that Signal protocol is challenging to check as it uses forward-looking design, more than a dozen of various keys and a complex renewal process. And what is more, the protocol hasn’t been documented despite its original code. Nevertheless, the specialists have met the difficulties and stated that any vulnerable places haven’t been found.

As to some remarks from the experts, it has been noted that such constructions as NAXOS’s can be used for improving the protocol defense. But the work being done is stated to be considered as a starting point for further research.

If you are not a cryptologist, the deep thought of the study may seem to be confusing to you, therefore being an average customer all you need for your network protection is a high-quality VPN. The possibilities the service provides are enough for you to feel free and protected online.

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