Choose a secure search engine

November 06/2016

It’s an open fact that practically each Internet session starts from your browser and search engine/tool. Six of the most popular search engines are presented here for you to make some conclusions on their privacy policies:





Did you know that ‘google’ came from ‘googol’, which is an infinite number? Isn’t it suspicious? And now to be serious.

The amount of data being stored on the customers is enormous it follows you even on YouTube. There are also targeted ads built on your gender, tastes and source preferences. Therefore, everything starting from your address to hardware settings is known to the engine. Although the data is assumed by the company to be collected for better operation performance, you should know that you are in the crosshair.

So, the engine doesn’t collect data (any data) on its users, it doesn’t provide ads and offers good results. Although it works comparatively slowly, the engine has an option where search results can be opened in a proxy window.



There is hardly a user on the Internet who hasn’t heard yet about the old Yahoo breach that has resulted in hacking and data leaks from hundreds of millions of emails. And now to be serious.

While the company is solving its inner problems, the customers are suffering from lack of security and protection by using the engine. Although it doesn’t have ad manager and the amount of ads is less than that of Google, it is still massive.

It doesn’t collect any data on you as well, but provides some ads. Some experts compare it with Google without infringing your right for privacy. Although it demonstrates some ads, the advertisement is not targeted. You search results can be also explored through a proxy window. But the most outstanding is that your IP isn’t recognized by the engine.



It is another ‘baddie’ of the list, because if to be serious, it collects as much data on you as Google does. But as it less integrated with other platforms it may seem less invasive. And again all your data starting from true address to browser settings is available and stored by Microsoft.

The engine doesn’t store information on you and it doesn’t provide ads. It also doesn’t collect searches. The uniqueness of the engine is that onion service is offered by it. The speed of the operation makes it one of the top-rated.  


As you see, hardly any of the popular search tools saves your privacy while attacking you with intrusive targeted ads and putting together a dossier on you. Unfortunately, sometimes using a secure search engine is not enough, then an outstanding VPN can be applied for your network making it highly protected from various threats that have captivated the Internet space.

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