Check Point Unveiled Sandblast Agent for Endpoint Protection

January 12/2016

Check Point Unveiled Sandblast Agent for Endpoint ProtectionThe network security company Check Point has unveiled a latest technology called zero-day protection, which is designed to make the endpoint devices in the enterprises secure, irrespective of their location.

The new product, called the Sandblast comes with remote sandbox and has forensic capabilities incorporated in it. This remote sandbox service can be run on home appliances or on the cloud.

Sandblast agent offers direct protection for endpoint devices by detecting and blocking any attacks from mail or web based threats such as phishing, watering hole attack, etc. The agent is also capable of giving protection from data exfiltration and to quarantine the systems infected to prevent the malware spread.

According to Check Point, the agent will have minimum impact on the local performance and it will not interfere with the working of other applications. This agent also works well along with other security and antivirus solutions. Check Point VPN service is the most preferred VPN service of many users.

The ability to perform automated incident analysis provides better visibility for security events and this will minimize the chances of damage and remediation cost. According to the explanation provided by Check Point, the interactive forensic reports enable the user to understand the points of malware entry, the cause and the damage risks in a better way.

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