British officials have become known to be able to access to browsing history

November 30/2016

browsing history 48 British government agencies will manage to look through any deleted browsing history. Provided that a bill will be passed and become law, numerous governmental institutions will acquire access to surfing history of the citizens even if it has been deleted.

The institutions include different government departments and agencies such as Ministry of Home Affairs and etc. Therefore, all your history can be stored by your provider. The metadata should be kept for a year period and passed regulatory despite customers’ desire. The data will include each website visited by a user except concrete pages clicked by you. The government sticks to the opinion that the law has a significant importance in war on terror.

While the government is looking for a right decision on the issue, customers can be exposed to a risk of being deprived of freedom of speech and surfing on the Internet. For you to prevent the safety problem subscribe for a top-rated VPN, which is to protect you and your family members from being traced and censored.

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