Beware! It Looks Like Government has Cracked & Backed ExpressVPN Encryptions


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December 12/2015

It Looks Like Government has Cracked & Backed ExpressVPN EncryptionsIt looks like the safety of VPN usage in danger in China. The recent events have forced VPN companies like Astrill and ExpressVPN to raise their concerns on the topic. Speaking of VPN services, many have the false notion that it is the safest place on the internet given you to enjoy great encryption and your connection is re-routed through servers which are located in multiple countries. Does that make your connection, safe from government watchdogs? Well, it does, in most cases. But there are instances where it is not that safe as you think, as in the case of China that we are referring to.

Someone named Bevand, who was given the responsibility of testing various VPNs across the world, has tested ExpressVPN in China. It of course allows you to jump the Great Firewall. They are doing the encryption with 1024 bit RSA key. For the uninitiated, it is a weak encryption. Therefore, it looks like the government has already cracked it. This might have given them a chance to look at your online activity. The same can be said about Astill as they are using 1024 bit RSA key for encryption. 2024-bit RSA key is generally recommended for keeping snoopers away. So, one wonders why ExpressVPN decided to go with such a weak encryption in a country like China, where the government is constantly trying to come after VPN services.


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