Australian Citizens get Data Protection from StrongVPN


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March 17/2016

Australian Citizens get Data Protection from StrongVPNWhen it comes to Australia, StrongVPN enjoys a special status, as it is one of the first VPN services there. Moreover, they are highly appreciated for being highly secure. Their goal has always been to provide a great secure VPN server for their users in the country. Data retention laws, which was enacted only recently, has been troubling Australian citizens and StrongVPN has been able to give data protection to them. StrongVPN has an anonymous IP address and end-to-end data encryption. StrongVPN has a strong international presence. It is an offshore VPN service as well. As of now, they offer more than 87,000 anonymous IP addresses worldwide. This is going to enable their users to have private communications.

With the surge of data collection laws all over the world, it has become responsibility for StrongVPN to ensure privacy and online freedom. StrongVPN allows you to surf the internet anonymously. Ever since Australia has come up with data retention laws, a VPN has become a must-have thing for internet users. This law came into existence in 2015 October and it is highly invasive. The civil liberties of Australian citizen have been questioned here and they are need of a secure VPN service to protect their privacy. In many ways, StrongVPN is the answer to many of their problems.


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