Australia is on the road to install data retention law

December 30/2016

Australia is on the road to install data retention lawYou may remember or not, but one of the data retention laws was introduced by Australian government in 2015. Its main aim is to identify and foretell terroristic attacks, meanwhile it violates civil freedom of speech and information. The main problem consists in a requirement of 2-years retention of citizens’ communications data by service provider, involving phone calls, email messages, browser history.

Regardless assurances that the collected data will be used only for serious criminal investigation, the law does not find support in local population.

Fortunately, the Attorney-General’s Department has reviewed this law and called the publicity to express their opinion until the law gets operative. If this law passes, all Australians’ sensitive data will be stored by government institutions and used in extreme cases threatening the national security.

One way or another, Australian citizens still have time to act and change the situation. They have been asked to express themselves on this problem and effect on final decision.

Nevertheless, Australians can use one modern technology if they want to bypass all restrictions and keep their metadata closed from the government. This is a VPN which will help them to change the situation for the better. Subscribing for the best VPN service for Australia, you will forget about surveillance and web activity tracking from your local government.

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