Another complain has been lodged about Google

December 21/2016

Another complain has been lodged about Google The Federal Trade Commission received an accusation from privacy groups about unlawful actions which have been taken by Google corporation and involved user privacy violation. The problem comes under privacy policy modification that entitles Google to integrate individual data with reading info stored by DoubleClick automated advertising utility.

Google has been under an accusation of creating “super-profiles” and monitoring users activity on Android-based gadgets, collecting info from visited websites which utilize Google Analytics, imply YouTube content or demonstrate ads supplied by DoubleClick or AdSense.

 On June 28 Google introduced new optional functions for its customers that may be considered as an outbreak of the conflict. In fact, the rules have given extra supervision of the data storage and usage authorizing to show relevant ads. Meanwhile, Google assures that they do not integrate DoubleClick cookie info with personal info without consent on users’ part.

Other, the FTC needs to inspect the modifications of Google’s data compilation policy and take necessary measures to prevent data combination without specific agreement. In addition, Google may be forced to recovery advertising revenues retrieved as a result of data combining gained from DoubleClick and its other services.

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