Additional Initiatives from Private Internet Access for Digital Rights

April 07/2016

Additional Initiatives from Private Internet Access for Digital RightsPrivate internet access is a company which has been providing privacy building products for the internet users in different parts of the world. The company has announced some additional initiatives to protect the privacy of the people further.

Private internet access is a VPN service which encrypts the internet connection and provides the customers with anonymous IP to protect their internet privacy.

The new initiatives from the company are:

  • Setting up a recurring donation of huge amounts to the EEF.
  • A recurring/sustaining donation of US $ 14,000 per month is ready to fight for the future and to protect privacy.
  • Rick Falkvinge, the creator of ¬†Political Pirate Party and the defender of our Civil Liberties, is now the Head of Privacy of Private Internet Access full time.
  • Continue to provide donations to campaigns, projects and groups fighting for privacy.

Private internet access offers PPTP, open VPN, IP sec/L2TP tunnels for rates as low as $3.33/ month. You can remain safe even while using public Wi-Fi when you are using private internet access VPN. This company has more than 3190 servers located in 24 countries. The VPN service from the company is powered by a latest technology network of tier -1 multi-gigabit type. You will be getting the best quality VPN for the lowest price from private internet access.

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