February 13/2017
The more the global net has been introduced in our lives, the more convenient and user-friendly utilities have been designed. The tendency adverts data storage media which can be streamed and exchanged from servers. Such technology is commonly known as the cloud storage and... Read more
February 09/2017
Netflix product manager Todd Yellin has announced that the corporation is ready to create and release 1000 hours of TV shows in the coming year. The plan is driven by the desire of focusing on original content and its diversity. Nowadays, Netflix is available in 190 countries... Read more
February 06/2017
The newly designed mechanism for verifying online transactions jeopardizes customers’ privacy. Also known as MasterCard’s Identity Check, the function utilizes facial matching meanwhile serving as an extra preventive action against digital fraud. The digital identification... Read more
January 30/2017
The unprecedented crime wave invades hotel business jeopardizing the safety of guests and their property. The recent experience of ransomware has happened in Austria when hundreds of lodgers have been locked in and out of their rooms. Having the IT system infected, the hotel has... Read more
January 25/2017
One of the safest search engines DuckDuckGo has disclosed that netizens extensively sought ways to remove traces of their activity online. Such inference has been deduced in reliance on the total number of search requests that exceeded 4 billion for the last year. What is more,... Read more
January 20/2017
The CIA has recently revealed rules adopted and modified for compiling metadata of the US citizens. As before, the revised rules pursue the aim at protecting rights and civil liberties of the American nation. The new rules were reviewed in order to calm public anxiety over the... Read more