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According to the general notion, ping is a utility controlled connection integrity and quality on TCP/IP-based networks and a vernacular name of provided process. It broadcasts ICMP Echo-Requests to specify net nodes and fixes ICMP Echo-Reply. Usual Echo-Request has a length of 64 bytes plus 20... Read more
Internet Service Provider (its abbreviation is ISP) is an organization provided internet connection and other net assistance. To seize the opportunities presented by Internet provider, you need to gain access to one of its servers through which communicating channel will be bound with network.... Read more
Firewall is a protection net system based on hardware and software programs and manages incoming and outgoing traffic. It acts as a barricade between reliable net and other untrustworthy environment, such as the internet, controls accessing to net resources over a positive control model. In such a... Read more
Any internet users, whether they are employees working from home or network managers of large enterprises, want to transmit voice, digital and video information through phone lines at fast and cheap basis. The opportunities provided by ISDN permit using one individual line to deploy small office’s... Read more
Definition It is an additional built-in tool for browser. The function is provided by many up-to-date browsers, which implies anonymity and therefore privacy. So, to understand it we need to look for some details. ‘Incognito’ functions Pages viewed by you are not stored in your history, after all... Read more
IP Spoofing is contained in source addresses substitution in IP packages transferred to attacking computer. Supposititious package contains address of trusted hosting but underneath information is sent from hacker’s computer. The main aim is receiving and passing data packages through attacking... Read more
Internet Protocol address is a unique feature code assigned to a network-connected gadget. Network and node numbers are essential components of IP address. It’s presented by binary numbers of 32 bit in IPv4 version and 128 bit in IPv6. Usually IP addresses consist of four decimal numbers from 0 to... Read more
Subnet mask is a unique bitmask identified which part of IP address is referred to network location and which is belong to network node. Mask is used for subnet settings and designed to define net address independently of network class. In other words, subnet mask defines the largest possible... Read more
Ethernet is a widespread international technology of local networks organization based on Ethernet Network technology that was designed and realized in 1975 by Xerox corporation. Its standards realize two first OSI layers: physical (responsible for wire connection and electrical signals) and... Read more