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Definition Any resource or delivery of hosted services provided over the Internet is a cloud service. This is the same thing as a web service with the only difference that it’s virtual machine storage. Simply put, the term means your device hard drive’s data storing and accessing on the Internet... Read more
Traceroute is a procedure of receiving information about routers or nodes through which packages are transported to specify computer. It permits to detect routing errors by using communication protocols, such as UDP, TCP, GRE or ICMP. Why do we need a Traceroute? Sometimes one or another website... Read more
When you design a website, it’s represented by a number of files storing in your Winchester disk and staying invisible for public. And if you want to share with your creation, you need to utilize hosting services that afford to put your info on their disks available for outside world but only for... Read more
TCP/IP is an industrial standard of protocols suite designed for global computer networks. There is no difference to which net these computers are connected, or which corporation has designed attached devices – Macintosh or Windows, TCP/IP is a platform independent standard that links diversified... Read more
Ad-Block is a web extension for browsers supplied with contents filtering function. Ads blocker does not operate on its own until needed command is set. This function is fulfilled with lists presented with rules and regulations which designate inappropriate content. In such a manner, Ad-Block copes... Read more
A net address appointed by provider and fixed to a define device and doesn’t suffer changes even after computer reset is called static IP. It allows attaching a user to the connections system organizing a virtual securing channel, building local net and completing tasks related to informational... Read more
Public DNS server is a generally available internet host served for translating symbolic domain name in IP address. Open servers can be used over ISP but with a support of organizations specializing in public DNS distribution. As a defining feature, free DNS is optimized to take the load of... Read more
IP addressing space is divided into 2 parts: public location number distributed by net providers or Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) organizations and private number being beyond the IANA control and appointed to internal nodes by network administrators’ discretion. Public IP addresses... Read more
In our modern and technically-developed world every computer is connected to the Internet and has its own unique address composed of numbers and separated by periods. Machines can easily process these addresses, but we are people and we spend a lot of time using them. IP addresses are difficult to... Read more