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Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol supports automated access to IP address and additional options required for TCP/IP net operations. Protocol works in client-server system contacting to DHCP server and receiving necessaries settings. Avoiding manual tuning control and reducing errors amount,... Read more
Definition It is a disclosure of a wirelessly connected device’s physical area. There are several kinds of them. If talking about software geo-location, the technical solution is possible to define your device’s area up to your area’s zip code while moving forward from your country, region, city... Read more
IPv6 address is a key number applied for network interface identification of net nodes operating in IPv6 network. The sixth version of Internet Protocol is an advanced IP release designed to solve all problems facing previous IPv4 system with the usage of 128-bit address size instead of 32-bit. If... Read more
Definition It is a relation mark, regarded to as a network node, by means of which two differing in protocols nets are combined. It can be presented in multiple forms and perform various functions from the simplest to the most complex ones. Gateway IP Any gateway for different devices includes... Read more
MAC address (Media Access Control) is interpreted as an especial feature code of Network Interface Card (NIC) realized communication between gadgets in the connections system in a physical level. This number is appointed to the NIC by its designer and kept in read-only memory. IP and MAC addresses... Read more
Definition File Transfer Protocol is a specially developed set of rules used for files transferring between accounts within the network. There are different ways of data sharing: between several computer accounts; between an account and a connected device; for software accessing. Usage There are at... Read more
Definition Application Program Interface is a suit of various functions, modules, and protocols that are designed to operate cooperatively for the purpose of software applications’ building. In other words, software components operation is specified by the interface. It is also used for graphical... Read more
Definition It is not a person who represents your interests as a customer. Being an application or a computer program, your Internet accessing is deeply reliant on the tool. When you are trying to visit a website the tool connect you with it. Accessing remotely to different computers or servers (as... Read more
Apache is a free HTTP server functioning as cross-platform server and operating with all popular computing systems. Among primary virtues, Apache offers reliability and flexibility of configuration. The server connects outside modules providing data, uses database management system for users’... Read more