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Internet Protocol configuration utility is one of the most important system utility program entered in command line for net interfaces management. The command is applicable for displaying TCP/IP current settings and several parameters updating which set under automatic configuration of net... Read more
Definition A protected relation interstaged between a server and a browser, which is established with the help of this protocol (Secure Socket Layer). The privacy and integrity of any data is ensured for all the transferring data between these two ‘points’. Online transactions of million users with... Read more
Why people launch DDoS Attacks? DDoS attack (distributed denial-of-service) is a type of hacker attacks aimed at website disabling by feeding it with a quantity of false requests. As the result, supporting server manipulates with excessive improper requests and infected website gets inaccessible... Read more
Definition It’s when your traffic is transferred through another uncommon route while your ordinary path is ‘empty’. Data about your geographical location is collected by the server and is rerouted through a computer server. Such servers are offered by special providers and are placed in the areas... Read more
Definition A communication model of a broad sense where either of the participants can take up a conversable initiative. Despite using server/client model, in this case each of the nodes can act as a client and as a server simultaneously. Network traffic can be routed through an anonymized tunnel... Read more
Dialup networks make a connection between their clients which can be electronic computing machines, LAN segments, fax machines or phone conversation partners. Usually, dialup networks deny all ownership rights owning a physical link for each pair of clients, for this reason users can’t use it... Read more
Definition The first statement (malware) has a broader sense. In order to achieve access to a computer or to break the system avoiding owner’s acknowledgement special software also, known as ‘malicious’, is used by adversaries. Different types of the software are distinguished including ‘spyware’... Read more
Definition To avoid the local network confusion some of the subnets (rages) of IP addresses have been identified. Such IP can be used only in the same network. It always shows on itself. Therefore, the connection to the program on the same computer is maintained through the same address. Localhost... Read more
Definitions HTTP is a system of rules used for giving different commands to a web server. It is also called a stateless due to the fact that all the commands are accomplished separately. HTTPS is a secure version of the previous protocol, which is widely used all over the web by bank sites and... Read more