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DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) means a wideband high-bit-rate link transmitted through basic phone lines with unreserved bandwidth in 3100 hz typical for dial-up channel. DSL modems transmit data in a digital form and in contrast with traditional analogue equipment omit digital-analog conversion... Read more
Cookie is a text randomly encoded message sent from web server to browser and transmitted back whenever server page is requested with browser. Cookies recognize users and customize pages’ content for them. Visiting any site, you may be requested to fill out an application providing such info as... Read more
In simple words, it’s a fourth version of IP protocol established rules of computer networks operating under the principle of packages exchange. Nowadays it’s a fundamental protocol of lower-layer responsible for connection setup binding nodes on IP addresses basis. As usual, IPv4 addresses are... Read more
Content Management System is an informational structure used for cooperative producing, controlling and editing website content. Its primary objective consists in collecting and combining different data sources on roles and problems basis which can be available not only within an organization, but... Read more
Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line is ranked among high-speed data transmission technologies known as DSL tools and had generic term xDSL. ADSL has been designed for ensuring high-speed megabit access to interactive video services (such as video-on-demand, videogames) and fast data transmission (as... Read more
Domain Name System is a computing distributed technique designed to receive knowledge about domains and most commonly served for automatic receiving IP address by host name or managing message routing.  DNS maintains hierarchical names systems identifying networking nodes and specified with RFC... Read more
In 1998 the Chinese Ministry of Public Security started a Golden Shield Project in order to censure and monitor all online activity in China and beyond its borders. The government has implemented several reformations accessing the Internet and devised the Great Firewall maintaining public security... Read more
Definition It is an intermediate component between two end points participating in data transferring process on the network. For example, the process is taken in server-computer relation. So, it is special software or a computer dedicated to the process. It may exist as an individual computer or a... Read more
Definition In order to distinguish one thing from another a name or label is used. To differentiate one machine (computer) from another to network communication allowance hostname are used. Unique addresses are being constantly used by computers to ‘talk’ to each other. It is a simple string of... Read more