Hide my IP

We strongly believe in everyone’s right to be anonymous when using Internet resources, surfing the websites or simply chatting on forums. The thing is that once decided to connect to the Internet, every user gets a public IP address. This IP address performs as your online passport, since it is the key to your personal information, for example, your location details. It also can shed the light on what websites you visited, even your account on Facebook. It’s not surprising that you prefer to keep anonymity for sake of safety, legal right to get information, or just comfortable Internet usage. Probably, you have a convincing argument to hide from anyone else in the world, and it doesn't signify that you are a cybercriminal who has an intention to perpetrate a fraud. It’s a common aberration to associate the desire to conceal personal information with something illegal and sinister. But we are sure that users have multiple absolutely lawful motives to hide their personal data away from public access. Moreover, we are completely dedicated to this essential right to be free. Reasons why people prefer to use VPN or proxy service are listed below:

  • some people used to connect to the Internet in public areas and after a while they decide to be more careful with their data.
  • some people are anxious about online frauds and an increased number of hackers and crooks.
  • some people have specific tastes which they never want to be unveiled.
  • some people are in the country with stringent censorship and lack of free access to the Web, so they may suffer from scanty and subjective information.
  • some people have an insuperable desire to get very specific and sophisticated data from the site where the common user is persona non grata.
  • some people are idealistic about the free world and can’t put up with the idea of scrutinizing people’s private life.

So now you make sure that the idea of anonymity has nothing to do with intentional misdemeanors, frauds, hackers, or crooks.

How to protect IP address

The most efficient, reliable and secure way to get rid of the problem is to buy VPN client or use Proxy service. All the information on VPN and proxy services you can find in free access. However, be aware that most of the services keep records on your logs, as well as your IP. It means that if your activity is suspicious or your committed a crime, you will be revealed.