September 18/2016
It has become clear that any information put on the Internet isn’t protected from being intercepted. Moreover, the pixilated images are at a special risk. The computerized algorithm of identifying a pixilated image personification gains up to seventy percent accuracy. The attackers can use Torch... Read more
September 17/2016
As of today, a VPN service has become an overriding priority not only for big corporations looking for their data security but also for ordinary Internet users. When speaking about one’s anonymity, privacy and security presented three-in-one we can’t but mention a VPN service. There are many... Read more
September 17/2016
It’s not a secret to anyone that the Internet is probably one of the most important discoveries of our time. Just image how many possibilities the Internet gives to its users. We can watch films, listen to music, learn the latest news, work and study, order all types of products, make friends,... Read more
September 16/2016
Online gaming is getting very popular at these days. People all over the world prefer playing online games despite the age they have. What is more, gaming is not just a teenager’s hobby, it’s a sport that’s recognized in most countries. E-sport includes gaming competitions by utilizing computer... Read more
September 14/2016
SmartTV is a positive demonstration of technological development. Combining computer and television functions, SmartTV rises to a new level of TV broadcasting. Any SmartTV user can access to any Internet streaming resource and even to social nets, which are so popular today. SmarTV works on... Read more
September 13/2016
Which possibilities do you expect from a VPN service? We can suppose that you aim is having a free hand while surfing the Internet, being anonymous and secure. These features are the most common among VPN clients. And of course, users want to find a cheaper service, or even free. A VPN technology... Read more