September 24/2016
With the growth of threats one can come across while surfing the Internet, we should pay attention to the means of online protection for our secure networking. On the market of defensive technologies there are such defensive tools as proxy servers, anonymizers, onion routers and VPNs. Today we are... Read more
September 23/2016
There are plenty of adversaries that can cause trouble and even harm to you and your network. The possibility that something bad or harmful can happen to you while being online is growing every day. Some of the most common examples of cyber-attacks are credit cards fraudulences, malware and viruses... Read more
September 23/2016
The unending frictions between IT companies’ security policy and law enforcement representatives are to be continued. The end-to-end encryption is known to have been offered by Google as part of its new output Allo-messenger the other day. The news has worried some law enforcement officials. It is... Read more
September 22/2016
It is obvious that Internet has brought plenty of possibilities to our lives. Hardly anyone can imagine his life without Internet today. Let’s take, for example, one working day of a woman: having woken up she listens to news report on ABC News; while getting the breakfast ready she watches her... Read more
September 21/2016
Public cloud services are known to provide no encryption to your private data moved to it. A sensitive data is considered to be more vulnerable to breaches while being loaded to the storage. Data security in public clouds has merited a greater concern. The recently executed survey has shown a... Read more
September 20/2016
It’s a common knowledge that the Internet has extended our horizons and opened as many possibilities as can being tried out today. It stands to reason that there are some essential parts that you can’t connect to the Internet without. One of such tools is a router. There are different kinds of... Read more