October 08/2016
While spending a lot of our time surfing the Internet, we should think about our online protection. The number of cyber crimes grows each year and we should look at our online work habits from the perspective of our future. Thus, “Stop.Think.Connect” campaign is being promoted by Homeland Security... Read more
October 04/2016
You have probably noticed that our lives have become partly digital. We have transferred a good deal of our duty and possibilities to the Internet. But it’s hardly possible that you have ever thought about your further data usage. We want to consider just a few potential customers of your browser... Read more
September 30/2016
Today is the day when any of your posted information can be intercepted by anyone who wishes. Nevertheless, there are such companies that claim to be privacy defensive by keeping no additional information on you such as your location and contacts, messages and other. Sad to say, but some of these... Read more
September 26/2016
Bitcoin is the first digital currency that functions in full autonomy implying there is no need to use banks or payment processors. Moreover, it operates in decentralized environment and is available around the globe. Bitcoin system has broken through computer science field that is based on 20... Read more
September 26/2016
It’s an open secret that China is an amazing country with lots of sights and wild gardens which attracts tourists from all over the world. Nevertheless, we can’t call it totally hospitable due to some of its peculiarities you might have heard before. Having ordered your tickets and booked a hotel... Read more
September 25/2016
It’s perfectly clear to everyone that Kodi is a free and open-source media player application for Android, Linux, BSD, Mac OS X, and Windows based operation systems. But it was primarily developed for the first-generation Xbox game console and was named Xbox media center. Today any customers can... Read more