October 19/2016
In layman’s terms our lives have become more complicated. If putting multiple gadgets, devices and applications to the side, Internet security should be everyone’s concern. Using the Internet today is considered as equal to certain level of surveillance acceptance. Today’s consumers can’t make it... Read more
October 18/2016
Using multiple gadgets each day we dismiss a possibility of fallout. It is too naïve feel protected and free while being online. According to the latest estimates, the internet-of-things will be popularized up to twenty billion by 2020. Social services are supposed to be made smarter and more... Read more
October 17/2016
Before buying a new device try to receive particulars of the gadget and its system. Sometimes, even being a cautious user mistakes can be made. In such a manner according to Jon Sawyer, an expert in the sphere of online security, some Foxconn’s Android phones contain a limited backdoor. The... Read more
October 15/2016
A man has been remanded in custody and is to appear before the Old Bailey criminal court in London this month. Britain, which is known to behave illegally with regard to online liberties and privacy, is ready to make us ‘stare’ again. The importance of maintenance of order has never been doubted.... Read more
October 14/2016
Drawing on the latest reports, data breaches have been discovered in companies that haven’t concerned mobile network security of their employees. The employees are known to have entered the corporate networks with the help of their mobile phones, which have led to some secure data leaks. That’s... Read more
October 12/2016
It is on record that a VPN was invented in mid-90s to provide a secure access to the corporate network and was preferably used for business then. Today the service is much sought after individuals who are looking for Internet freedom and expats living abroad who want access to their habitual ‘home... Read more