October 28/2016
More and more researchers tend to conduct exploration in the sphere of violation of rights and freedoms on the Internet. As it has been reported, online anonymity discussions are known to be typically dominated by those who abuse it to confront others. Therefore an anonymous Tor browser is... Read more
October 26/2016
Have you noticed that a major privacy policy was changed by Google a month ago? It’s normal that you haven’t, as nobody practically has. The reason is that the actions violating users’ privacy that have been committed earlier have just acquired legitimacy. Everyone knows that users’ privacy was... Read more
October 24/2016
While the disputes between companies presenting different standpoints are being continued, new developments are set about to prevent vulnerable data accessibility. Thus the FBI is known to have decrypted data of any users involved into outlawed activities. When speaking about online privacy, Tor is... Read more
October 22/2016
It will be laudable for people to do just like these progressively thinking guys from California have done. Giovanni Vigna has won $100k from Google for his in-depth security investigation. Regardless the existing tangled situation, dozens of papers (200 works) are known to have been co-published... Read more
October 21/2016
Being aware of Internet threats lying in the wait for somebody’s incautiousness, we have decided to prepare 7 simple steps to protect your privacy on iPhone. Having accepted the steps, you can enjoy networking from your iPhone bucking all the threats. 7 simple steps for your iPhone security: ‘... Read more
October 20/2016
Not only intelligent agencies but also average Internet users are worried about deanonymization of Tor usage, as it infringes on customer right to enjoy Internet freedom. Tor and Firefox (Tor browser is based on Firefox) have united to work at anonymizer security enhancement. The main aim of the... Read more