Your network security suffers from your improvidence


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November 13/2016

network securityAll too often the biggest risk for networks is presented by customers. The reason is that passcodes you use for different accounts are the keys to your confidential information. In our real lives we use various keys for different purposes: house, car, office, etc. But what come of some customers when they get into a virtual space. The sense is that we often use the same passwords for multiple accounts, which endangers the safeness of our confidential information. In order to defend your web activities you need to protect your network and don’t expose the keys to adversaries.

Some steps for passwords strengthening:

  1. Your passwords shouldn’t be changed upon the request of a letter you received from an Internet corporation, as it may be a phishing letter and you will jeopardize your accounts. All the changes should be made manually through the settings.

  2. If you are sure you are not able to memorize all the passwords you have created, a good password manager should be applied for your device. This will not only help you to avoid your forgetfulness, but also will enhance the level of your online safeness.

  3. If you are sure your memory is able to hold all the passwords, you should make them secure enough for avoiding attacks. As it is recommended by some of the experts in the sphere, a pass phrase should be used rather than a password. Where some psychologists state, it’s even easier to remember a phrase than a set of symbols and numbers. Just take a line from your favorite book and here is the result.

  4. An additional level of verification should be added to your accounts if it’s available. Matching your account to your phone number or some answers to personal questions will help you to bypass computer fraudsters and attackers who try to crack your account by brute forcing.

  5. No matter what, the best of the methods in the existence today to forget all your worries is to subscribe to a good VPN for different purposes to avoid all the troubles not only with your passwords, but also with the entire networking.

    Thus, passcode is a key to your accounts and you shouldn’t forget about it. Numerous identity thefts are maintained due to unconfirmed keys you apply for your online activities. You should look after your personal interests of online protection independently, as only in this case your networking will be under the umbrella.

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