September 30/2016

a wormy appleToday is the day when any of your posted information can be intercepted by anyone who wishes. Nevertheless, there are such companies that claim to be privacy defensive by keeping no additional information on you such as your location and contacts, messages and other. Sad to say, but some of these companies go back on their words. One of these companies is Apple.

Apple has been noted as one of the companies saving users’ privacy and working at their security. But the latest news proves a negative. Thus iMessage is known to store not only your location and contacts but also messages for their further sharing with law enforcement via court order. Moreover, the situation does with iCloud too. So, if you think that all the files and photos that you store there are in safe keeping you are wrong, because Apple if needed can analyze any data you have shared or stored. Nonetheless, Apple has assured its customers to have no access to their data due to the end-to-end encryption except some of the metadata that can be collected from servers.

Whichever is true, any Internet user is at stake today. And it’s better to take some measures independently than wait for it from someone else. Fortunately the service market is full of different outputs that are aimed at helping us with online security. One of the outputs is a VPN, which is considered to be one of the most efficient for your online protection. So, choose whom to trust and use all possible up-to-date technologies to be up to every move.

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