Which Are More Secure – VPN Or Proxy?

March 07/2016

Which Are More Secure – VPN Or ProxyThere might be a magnitude of reasons you might be in need of a secure network. Some of the top reasons are: to keep hackers out of your account, so you can keep your online activities and information confidential and so you can access websites that might be restricted in your country and enjoy greater internet freedom. There is a great battle in the market between VPNs and Proxys for the spotlight as the best security protocol. Here is a bit more information to help you decide on which is best for keeping your online activities secure.

The benefits of a VPN

  • A VPN encrypts your online data so hackers and cyber spies won’t be able to see what you are doing. They provide this encryption, by creating at virtual tunnel through which your data is transferred safely and undetectable.
  • All your data gets protected, including e-mails, messages, online conversations, login details, social media sites as well as the downloads you make. 
  • VPNs create a private data transfer medium on the internet and can provide you secure access to your companies’ data or your home to device network.
  • VPNs are available on multiple platforms and function on all devices such as tabs, mobiles and computers.
  • Your IP address will get altered or hidden so no one will be able to pinpoint certain activities to you or hack into your computer and you will be able to access sites that are restricted.

Proxy server

  • Proxy servers hide your identity so you will get an anonymous status, which allows you to access sites that are banned in certain countries.
  • Data sharing and receiving is not hidden because proxy servers do not provide encryption services.
  • Network speeds are great, but you are still vulnerable to internet hackers and cyber spies who can pin a charge on you for accessing sites that are restricted.

VPN services for supreme security

It is clear that if you want a fast network, then a Proxy server is great but if you want fantastic online protection from internet hackers and cyber spies then you should invest in a VPN service. Some of the top VPNs like ExpressVPN, VyprVPN, PureVPN, StrongVPN, Overplay and IPVanish can function on all devices such as smartphones and tabs and protocols such as Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS so you can enjoy a secure network no matter which device you use. These VPNs are also available in multiple countries across the globe which is fantastic for travelers who want access to their beloved VPN service no matter where they travel to.  

Why you should find a top rated VPN?

Top rated VPNs offer 24-hour emergency services, fantastic client support and some, like HideMyAss even have free services such as a free email address when you apply. These top rated VPNs have incredibly simple software setups so even the most technologically challenged individuals can install and enjoy these apps and software programs at ease.  

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