What A VPN Is Who Uses Them and How to Find the Best One?

January 18/2016

What A VPN Is Who Uses Them and How to Find the Best One?We have all heard the stories of how internet users are captured on a daily basis for downloading illegal content, accessing websites that was restricted or sending messages that was somewhat alarming. What you do not realize is that a lot of these individuals are actually innocent and now has to suffer through an abundance of court cases in an attempt to prove their innocence. The bad part is because they were not using a secure network, the governments have access to every single phone call they made, every message they sent on all chat sites and every URL and torrent they ever downloaded, which is quite scary if you really think about it. After all, what could they be tracing from your activities?

What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a network of computers that function over the internet. These networks of computers are created on a secure structure and have software that helps encrypt the data that you are accessing and downloading. The VPN network also hides your IP address so no one can trace any online activities back to you. Basically, a VPN service provides a secure connection so you can do what you like and no one will ever be able to trace what you are doing.

Who uses VPN services?

There are a lot of people who use VPN services to help protect their personal conversations, file downloads and online activities such as:

  • Students – Students use VPNs to access the internet on the go and so they can visit secure sites provided by their institutions.
  • Workers – Employees use VPN services to have access to a good and secure network no matter where they are and so they can access the sites they need to work.
  • Downloaders – There are a lot of content on the internet that is illegal and it can be hard to tell what is good and what is not.  With a VPN service you can download anything you like without having to worry about getting caught.
  • Privacy minded individuals – No matter your reason for wanting to keep your online activities secure, a VPN service will keep all emails, messages and browsing activities completely secure.
  • Globetrotters – Those who are addicted to content from all over such as the live Olympics can do so over this secure network, even if the sites are not available in their country.

How to choose the best VPN?

There are hundreds of good VPN services out there and it can be tough to choose the best. A great way to help you make up your mind is to view the highest rated VPNs. The top three VPNs in the world are: ExpressVPN, VyprVPN and IPVanish. Other VPNs like HideMyAss and Overplay have software that allows you access to websites that are restricted in your area which is perfect for globetrotters. PureVPN and StrongVPN are also some of the most secure VPNs which is perfect for privacy minded individuals.

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