What A VPN Is and Why You Should Use One?

December 21/2015

What A VPN Is and Why You Should Use One?The main reason why people are using VPNs is so they can create a secure network for online activities, file sharing, P2P sharing, downloading and secure information accessing. Through a VPN you can create a secure connection across the globe to any another network on the internet. With these VPNs you can bypass internet censorship and enjoy encryption for your IP address, activities and torrents, so you can stay safe from cyber spies and in the same time enjoy profound protection from internet hackers.

What exactly is a VPN?

With the help of a network, your computer will behave as if it is on a network. You will have access to resources across the world as freely as if you were in that very location which is great if you want to access geo-blocked sites. The VPN creates an encrypted connection to websites and provides you with a secure connection through which you can access information that is untraceable. 

The uses of a VPN

  • Travelling – Business or institution networks can be accessible from any location that provides the VPN service so you can have access to confidential company and institution information that no one who is not on the network can access. You can also access your home network while on travels so you can access shared files or play LAN games from a far off destination.
  • Hide browsing activity – Browsing activities on non-secure websites are visible to everyone that is close by. This unfortunately can leave you vulnerable to computer hackers and is also a dead giveaway for all your online activities. Connecting through a VPN hides your identity so other users will only see the VPN connection and a fake IP address.  
  • Access geo-blocked sites – If you are on travels and like to access sites that are not available internationally, such as Netflix or Pandora then a VPN can provide you with that access. Some of the top VPNs that have specially developed software to provide you with access to restricted sites are HideMyAss and Overplay.
  • Bypass cyber spies – Some countries have great internet censorships that monitor your online activities and check your torrents for misconduct. VPNs like ExpressVPN, PureVPN and IPVanish keep no user logs and have fantastic encryption software so you can do what you like and still enjoy great security. 
  • Download files – Some VPNs make it incredibly hard to download torrents because they have a great impact on the internet downloading speeds due to all the encryption and security protocols. VPNs like StrongVPN and VyprVPN are some of the most secure VPNs that allow you to download at high speeds on a secure network. 

Get a VPN now

It is important to get a VPN service as soon as you can so your online conversations and activities will be confidential and secure at all times. It can be quite tragic if you fall victim to internet hackers or if you are suddenly faced with charges if you did not abide by the internet laws.

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