A way to secure your Tor usage against deanonymization has been found

October 20/2016

Not only intelligent agencies but also average Internet users are worried about deanonymization of Tor usage, as it infringes on customer right to enjoy Internet freedom. Tor and Firefox (Tor browser is based on Firefox) have united to work at anonymizer security enhancement.

The main aim of the cooperation is to find a defensive way to the system against malware, which is possible to store some information on a user and disclose his/her identity. The developers have changed the way browser connects to the Internet, therefore hardened malware operation.

Known as ‘network investigative technique’ or NIT it was used by FBI to investigate the dark net last year, which is nothing else but malicious software. In such a manner the investigators managed to reveal true IPs of the suspected.

The new developed way makes it impossible to set up a connection allowing deanonymization of users, as you can run the browser in the sandbox without accessing to the network (only by UNIX domain socket usage) and it will still work.

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